Hearing Voices

capitolbldgAn early version of my story “No Better,” which appears in Delicate Men, was published on the Liars’ League NYC website back in 2013. One of the great things about Liars’ League NYC is that after they accept your story they then have a show at KGB Bar in New York City where actors read your work and people you don’t know get to hear it and, hopefully, clap widely when it’s over.
It’s really cool, and really weird, to hear someone else read your work, so I’ve archived this on my Early Drafts page, and you can also link to it here: http://www.liarsleaguenyc.com/concrete-by-r-dean-johnson

The story was longer back then and titled, “Concrete.” If you’re familiar with the streamlined version in the book, you’ll be getting some backstory in this version.

And even if you don’t care to hear that story again in any version, you should check out Liars’ League NYC for their upcoming shows and calls for submissions. They’re doing really great things for writers and actors alike.

How to Sign a Kindle

What’s great about there being a Kindle edition of your first book is that fans and/or friends in far off places can get it without going on some kind of scavenger hunt to find a print edition. I don’t think I’m big in Japan, but I do have some friends in far off places and a few of them bought the book the day it came out, which was neat. (Yes, I mean that in the geeked up way it sounds too because it really is neat).

The thing is, the next time I’m in England or Japan, I can’t sign the book for my friends. Sure, I could give their Kindles each a Sharpie tattoo, but I’m pretty certain my signature isn’t worth that kind of sacrifice for anyone. Not yet, at least.
So here’s what I am doing: If you bought a Kindle version of Delicate Men and you’d like a signed, Delicate Men bookmark that is of no use for your Kindle but perhaps will tuck nicely into a phone book, or a catalogue, or an actual book, I’ll send you one. Free. Just email me your name and address at r_dean_johnson@yahoo.com.

Do you have to prove to me that you bought the book? Well, I don’t need to see a receipt. But, if you want to review it on GoodReads, or Amazon, or elsewhere (I could really use some reviews), that would be super neat (see above). I’ll also accept selfies with the book on the R Dean Johnson Facebook page. Honestly, though, all you have to do is email me.
Okay, so what if you bought the paperback version and really want a bookmark? No problem. Just see the procedures above and I’ll get one in the mail to you as well. And really, thanks for buying the book. I hope you find/found it super-duper neat.IMG_0296