Hearing Voices

capitolbldgAn early version of my story “No Better,” which appears in Delicate Men, was published on the Liars’ League NYC website back in 2013. One of the great things about Liars’ League NYC is that after they accept your story they then have a show at KGB Bar in New York City where actors read your work and people you don’t know get to hear it and, hopefully, clap widely when it’s over.
It’s really cool, and really weird, to hear someone else read your work, so I’ve archived this on my Early Drafts page, and you can also link to it here: http://www.liarsleaguenyc.com/concrete-by-r-dean-johnson

The story was longer back then and titled, “Concrete.” If you’re familiar with the streamlined version in the book, you’ll be getting some backstory in this version.

And even if you don’t care to hear that story again in any version, you should check out Liars’ League NYC for their upcoming shows and calls for submissions. They’re doing really great things for writers and actors alike.

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