It’s good to be Ringo

Pages & Pints

Months ago when Wesley Browne asked me to be part of his great Pages & Pints reading series, I was really honored. Then he told me who I’d be reading with–David Joy and Robert Gipe–and I was even more honored, and humbled, and just happy to be in the lineup. Apollo Pizza is a great venue for a reading (the awesome pizza and great beer selections on tap don’t hurt either), David Joy’s novel is blowing up, and Robert Gipe can own a room (in a good way, I know, because I’ve seen him do it). It made me feel like Ringo Starr. But you know, it’s good to be Ringo isn’t it? I mean, better to be an actual Beatle than the fifth Beatle or, worse, the drummer in Spinal Tap.

Here’s the link to the event and, if you’re worried, I promise not to sing or play drums, just read:

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